Pastor's Page

"Hello, I'm Marvin Uptain, Pastor at Grace Baptist.  My wife (Penelope) and I are blessed to serve with such a joyful congregation.  Our miniistry and work at Grace Baptist is to help believers progress in conforming to Christ Jesus and to point unbelievers to the truth of salvation found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am, unashamedly, dispensational in theology; conservative in practice, and traditional in music and worship.  Penelope assists me with church visitation, education, and communication.

In this time of moral deline, spiritual decay, and judgment from God; it is important for the church to share the hope of the gospel with the community. True equity and equality are found and promoted in God's Holy Word.  The Lord God watches over all of mankind, beholding both the good and the wicked.  We  encourage Christians to be steadfast in the truth and diligent in prayer.  Prayer is an important component in helping all believers to know and to walk in fellowship with a holy God.

We hope that you will come and visit us, and desire to make Grace Baptist your church home.   

--Pastor Uptain