Help-Bad news-Good news

So You've Heard the News…

You went to the doctor and you were given the news.  Perhaps you went to the doctor just for a check-up; perhaps you went with a suspicion; but, the news came and shook you to the core.  The news was not good; you don't know how much time and what quality of life remains.  Your family and friends are in shock or at least surprised. You are now coming face to face with your own mortality.  Where do you turn and what do you do?  You've not been into religion; in fact at times you have laughed at God.  But what now, what of eternity? You can't really ask family or friends, for that would be a sign of weakness and it's just not in your comfort zone. 

Friend, God is not willing that any should perish, but that all come to eternal life.  God cares-less that you've ignored Him; or that it has taken all these years for you to consider Him.  Yes, God would have liked you to have known Him and serve Him from your childhood; but, the Eternal God, the timeless God is not worried about those spent years of yours.  He still wants you to spend eternity with Him; for with God even eighty or ninety years of neglect and denial is nothing in the light of eternity. God, the Eternal God, understands the meaning of eternity.  God doesn't care if you use Jesus Christ as a last minute "fire escape".  God is not willing that any should perish.  God loves you; God loved all of us, before we ever loved Him.  God revealed Himself to mankind by sending Jesus Christ to die for sin and the sinfulness found in your life; this includes your sin of neglect and rejection of Christ Jesus.  No sin or sinful person will ever enter heaven; but, by believing that God loves you and that He sent Christ to be your Substitute and Savior; He has opened heaven to you.  Jesus Christ died, He poured out His life's blood to cleanse you from the sin that would stop you from spending eternity in heaven. Christ Jesus rose victorious over death and the grave, and gives eternal life to all who will believe.  Salvation is humbly yielding the heart and mind to God and believing His message of eternal life in Jesus Christ.  You cannot save yourself.  It is not being or becoming a Baptist, Methodist, or a Catholic; the church does not and cannot save your soul.

God saves; He rescues those who will believe that Christ Jesus is His gift of Love and Life!  God sent Christ Jesus to be your Savior, all you must do is “believe” that this is true.  True and honest belief occurs when you stop trusting yourself and only trust Christ Jesus to cleanse you from sin and give you an entrance into heaven.  Toward the end of the Bible is a small book  called "The First Epistle of John"  this is the Apostle John's personal testimony of the love, power, and salvation offered to all, by God.  It is only five chapters in length; please take the time to read them, or at least the last chapter.  It is the best news you can receive.  Surrendering your life to Christ Jesus does not mean that God will change the doctors' news; but it does mean that you are ready to face today and the future.  You don't have to face them alone.  Today, will you call out to God and allow Him to give you the gift of  peace and salvation in Christ Jesus  that prepares you for heaven?